Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Release~Sire's Call by A. L. Jones

Sire's Call by A. L. Jones
The Crescent City Series, Book 1
Breathless Press
Paranormal/Fantasy Romantic Suspense

Dane knows her relationship with Rias is over. Rias makes it clear that he disagrees, especially when a rogue vampire threatens Dane's life.
Dane is a newly turned vampire living in the city of New Orleans. As a rogue vampire hunter, she takes down vampires who are endangering their community by killing human prey. But her job can’t keep her mind off Rias, her sire, and her ex. Although a part of her still loves him, she knows they’re better off apart.
As the head of the New Orleans Legion, Rias knows it’s only a matter of time before his fledgling Dane comes back to him, and he’s happy to wait for her to figure that out. But when a rogue vampire arrives in town and threatens Dane’s life, Rias suddenly realizes just how much time he’s already wasted.

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