Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Release~Afterburn by Sonia Hightower

Afterburn by Sonia Hightower
Breathless Press
Interracial Contemporary Erotic Romance, Military

Their love burns hot, but will it stay fueled?
Crystal is an enlisted mechanic with a tragic past. Grant is an officer and a pilot with a broken heart. When faced with a difficult decision, will Crystal choose wisely or lose the best thing that ever happened to her?
The love between them burns hot, but their relationship won't stay fueled if they can't beat the obstacles that stand in their way. Besides breaking the fraternization rules, Grant and Crystal have the difference of race between them…but can they prove to the rest of the world, and to each other, that love is color blind?
Afterburn is about overcoming one's past, not judging others, learning to forgive, and what it's like to be a woman in a "man's world."
About Sonia Hightower:
Sonia Hightower is the sexier side of author Tara Chevrestt. Sonia claims she was here first, but Tara's belief is that Sonia was created to protect the readers of her YA novels from stumbling onto some of her sexier writings. After all, there are some things a fifteen year old should not read…
Past writings by Tara include Dog Tails: Three Humorous Short Stories for Dog LoversA Facebook Affair, and Ride for Rights.Deaf Isn't Dumb and Operation: Enduring Santa will be coming in 2012. Sonia, who has recently been allowed to express her writing tendencies, has another release coming soon titled Afterburn.

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