Sunday, April 22, 2012

4/22/12 ~ New Releases from JMS Books LLC

TITLE: Clouds' Illusions
AUTHOR: Hayden Thorne
ISBN: 9781611522891
GENRE: Contemporary • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay • Young Adult
LENGTH: 5,125 words
PRICE: $2.99


Five-year-old Simon, along with his parents and older sister Amy, go to a carnival one day. When a sudden deluge separates the family and leaves Simon alone and frightened, the child undergoes a journey of maturation as he searches for his parents and sister.

Wandering through the ruined carnival, Simon encounters rain-soaked clowns, muddied carnival-goers, and a special young boy named Brian, who’s also lost. The longer Simon stays in the carnival and the rain that continues to threaten everyone’s fun, the more he learns about life, and he leaves the carnival a man with hopeful prospects ahead of him.

Clouds’ Illusions is a modern fairy tale, a metaphor for a young gay man’s coming-of-age with all its illusions and truths, and the wisdom that comes from the marriage of rain and sun.

TITLE: deciduous
AUTHOR: J.T. Marie
ISBN: 9781611522761
GENRE: Poetry
LENGTH: 34 poems
PRICE: $2.99


Short chapbook of 36 poems which capture the ephemeral quality of nature. In these pages, autumn's dying leaves crumple beneath winter's shroud of snow, and the last fleeting days of the year slip away forever.

Tragic, melancholy, bittersweet ... these poems embrace and revel in the changing seasons, which mirror so closely the rhythm of the human heart.

TITLE: Practice, Practice
AUTHOR: A. Leigh Jones
ISBN: 9781611522907
GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 3,363 words
PRICE: $1.99


Pedja is an Icer, a big, burly athlete who plays hard in a competitive world. Jacks is a sexy student Healer with a secret crush on Pedja, and plenty of time to get to know the up-and-coming star on the tram they ride every day. When Jacks finally works up enough courage to approach the big man and ask for something more than their stolen minutes on the tram, Pedja turns him down flat, but is it just a misunderstanding? Jacks hopes so, and thinks things might be looking up when Pedja invites Jacks to watch his team practice. Will practice make perfect for both of them?

TITLE: Spider Boy
AUTHOR: Joshua Skye
ISBN: 9781611522884
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance
LENGTH: 3,668 words
PRICE: $1.99


Life in Warren has a way of making even the youngest person feel old -- it's in the air around the place. Eighteen-year-old David feels the small town curse just as everyone else, feels it down in his bones.

To relieve his suffering, he engages in secretive sex acts with strangers. It’s more than just a break from the tedium or even a mere vocation -- there’s something he needs in the connection. One night while in the company of a particularly unusual stranger, David’s world takes an unexpected turn.

TITLE: Spook Patrol
AUTHOR: Helen Ayim
ISBN: 9781611523300
GENRE: Contemporary • Fantasy • Fiction • Mystery/Detective • Paranormal • Young Adult
LENGTH: 1,074 words


Jen and Wilbur are members of the Spook Patrol, on assignment to explore strange noises coming from an old, abandoned home rumored to be haunted. When they arrive, they discover they aren't alone.

And they give the "ghosts" the surprise of their lives.

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