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4/29/12 ~ New Releases from JMS Books LLC!

TITLE: Dublin Buy and Sell
AUTHOR: Cheyenne Blue
ISBN: 9781611522945
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Lesbian • Romance
LENGTH: 4,107 words
PRICE: $1.99


Frances has been alone since her lover, Aisling, left her for a girl with cropped hair and a tongue stud. Urged by her best friend to “get fit, get a life, get a lover,” Frances responds to a personal advert in the Dublin Buy and Sell from a bi-curious woman seeking a first time experience.

Margo seems genuine, and Frances dares to believe she can love again. But is Margo all she seems? Is Frances heading for heartbreak once more?

TITLE: His Biggest Fan
AUTHOR: J. Tomas
ISBN: 9781611522365
GENRE: Contemporary • Gay Fiction • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 7,892 words
PRICE: $2.99


My best friend Ross is Adam Blue's biggest fan. Adam's the lead singer of the popular rock group, Viral Blue, but to Ross, he's some sort of rock god. I don't get it. Ross has all their albums, reads all their interviews, watches all their videos, and knows every little thing about the group -- and Adam -- by heart. He's convinced it's his destiny to run away with the band. He'll tell anyone he and Adam are soulmates ... especially me, and I'm sick of hearing about it.

In all the time we've known each other, Ross has never looked at me the same way he moons over Adam. I hate that guy, and I don't even know him! Sometimes I think he's Ross's BFF and not me.

When I hear VB's coming to town, I decide to treat Ross to the concert. Show him a good time, show him how I really feel. But with Adam Blue gyrating his hips onstage, will Ross even notice I'm there?

TITLE: Postcards from Condi Rice
AUTHOR: Lee Patton
ISBN: 9781611522938
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 6,848 words
PRICE: $2.99


In his first career -- an airport security representative -- gay Coloradan Gabe Mangan travels the globe in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. As a hoax on his boss, he composes phony postcards from "Condi Rice” and mails them from successive hotspots in the new world such as Madrid, Bangkok, and Tel Aviv.

Once back in Denver, though, Gabe discovers he may be on the receiving end of a much more complicated and dangerous deception.

TITLE: The Leftovers
AUTHOR: Steven Kerry
ISBN: 9781611522921
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 3,886 words
PRICE: $1.99


When a group of men meet for the first time at the GLBT Center for the first session of a support group for older gay men, they are informed the facilitator is unable to attend due to an emergency. However, he has provided a list of questions to be discussed by the group, and they are encouraged to wing it on their own.

Left to their own devices, the group soon devolves into a muddle of sarcastic humor, barbs, and fireworks as tensions rise between the members. Just as it becomes apparent the group has not only been nonproductive, but is certain to implode altogether, a battered and bruised young man shows up at the door.

But the "leftovers" are about to learn his appearance is anything but accidental.

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OUT TODAY "Freed" by Berengaria Brown

"Freed", by Berengaria Brown "Freedom be Damned" book 2: A stand-alone story following on from "Enslaved". Siren BookStrand Contemporary MFM Buy Link: “Freed”: Blurb: Aurelia has moved into Niall's apartment, as has Mas, the two men choosing to accept each other so they can share the woman they both want. Aurelia plans Trevellyan, Merrick, Vaughan, and Evelyn's commitment ceremony, and finds she has a talent for such things. Mas and Niall continue to love Aurelia, giving her more orgasms than she's ever dreamed of, and planning fun outings where the three of them truly bond as a unit. Aurelia continues looking for a job, and all three of them are still trying to get a lead on where the other call centers may be, to free the workers as they freed Aurelia. Meanwhile the sex just gets hotter. But will Aurelia ever find a real job? And can the demons running the call centers be stopped? Berengaria is a multi-published author of erotic romance: contemporary, paranormal (ghosts, vampires, fairies and werewolves), futuristic, and Regency-set historical. She loves to read all different kinds of romance so that is what she writes: one man/one woman; two women; two men; two men/one woman; three men, two women/one man…. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.

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New Release~A Wild Night's Bride by Victoria Vane

A Wild Night's Bride by Victoria Vane
The Devil DeVare Seies, Book 1
Breathless Press
Historical Regency Romance, Erotic

With the devil in charge, there will surely be hell to pay...
What happens when a struggling actress and a grieving widower come together in a night of unbridled debauchery orchestrated by a bored and machinating rake?
     She's a lonely lady down on her luck.
Phoebe Scott, alias Kitty Willis, is a struggling Covent Garden actress with a bruised heart and a closely guarded secret.
He's steadfast and eminently respectable.
Sir Edward Chambers, Ned to his intimates, is guilt-ridden over his beloved wife's death and has avowed to live out a rustic and mundane life...of celibacy.
With the devil in charge, there will surely be hell to pay.
Devil-in-disguise Viscount Ludovic DeVere is determined to return his best friend, Ned, to the land of the living. His meddling machinations result in a night of mind-blowing passion after which "Dull Dog Ned" awakes to find himself in the King of England's bed!
A Wild Night's Bride, a sexy, rollicking Georgian romp!
About the Author:
A lover of history and deeply romantic stories, Victoria combines these elements to craft erotic and romantic historical novels and novellas for a mature reading audience. Her writing influences are Georgette Heyer for fabulously witty dialogue and over-the-top characters, Robin Schone, Sylvia Day, and Charlotte Featherstone for their beautifully crafted prose with deep sensuality, and Lila DiPasqua for creative vision in melding history with eroticism. Ms. Vane also writes romantic historical fiction as Emery Lee.
Author Links:

New Release~ Dream Job by Mickey J. Corrigan

Dream Job by Mickey J. Corrigan
Sci-Fi, Futuristic Romance
Breathless Press
Release Date: April 27th, 2012
Buy at

He’s the hot, sexy man of her dreams. And her new boss. But someone else is dreaming about her, someone even more dangerous.
After Adrianna sleeps with her hunky boss, she has to face him every day at the office of DreamCorp International. She has to test the company’s dream software with him in the office hot tub. She has to ignore the fact that his touch drives her to peaks of ecstasy she’s never experienced before. And that she’s fallen madly in love with him.
To make her life in tropical Florida even more confusing, Adrianna is plagued by disturbing dreams. Davis, one of those forgettable men she’d rather not think about anymore, a geeky guy she never should have slept with, stalks her. Davis has other ideas. He still wants her, and he plans to have her—in the murky dream world they appear to share.
Something strange is happening to Adrianna. And it’s making her wonder about her dreams. Are dreams more than a random rehash of day-to-day images, repressed sexual urges, and memory fragments? Could it be that dreams are the entry way to another world? A real world? A hyper real world?
Whether she wants to or not, Adrianna is about to find out all about the dream world. After all, she’s landed her Dream Job. And she’s in love with the man of her dreams.
About the Author:
Mickey J. Corrigan lives and dreams in the lush tropics of South Florida. Also writing as Virginia Aronson, Mickey is the author of more than thirty books on topics as diverse as extraterrestrials and healing, nutrition and wellness, creativity and mental illness. Recent books include J'Adoube (I Adjust), a collection of short fiction (World Audience, 2011), and Tropical Diagnoses, a poetry chapbook (Finishing Line Press, 2011). Writing is her Dream Job.

You can visit Mickey at

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New Release~Deaf Isn't Dumb by Tara Chevrestt

Deaf Isn't Dumb by Tara Chevrestt
Breathless Press
Non-Fiction, Deafness, Bullying

You're stupid. You're retarded. You shouldn't have this job. These words lit a fire of determination in one deaf woman who set out to prove to the aviation world…and the world in general that deaf isn't dumb.
Deaf Isn't Dumb is a motivational story of a young woman, Tara, who faces the challenges of growing up "hearing impaired" in a hearing world. Follow her as she recounts everything from childhood bullies to work related restrictions, and funny misunderstandings from mispronounced words to fear of Federal Air Marshals. In this tale, straight from the heart, learn that simply because one is deaf—contrary to popular misconception—it doesn't mean they are dumb.
About this Author:
Tara Chevrestt is a hearing impaired/deaf woman, a dog mom, and an aircraft mechanic. She likes to write about what she knows or loves and thus, has penned a contemporary romance following a hearing impaired/deaf woman trying to find love on Facebook, A Facebook Affair.
She has also penned Dog Tails: Three Humorous Short Stories for Dog Lovers in honor of her three pampered pooches, Are You Talking To Me? A Memoir coming in October of 2011, Ride for Rights, a historical young adult novel coming in February of 2012, and Operation: Enduring Santa, a Christmas tale to be released in February of 2012.
You can find her at

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Artful Dodging: the Torpedo Factory Murders, by M. S. Spencer

M. S. Spencer’s latest release takes place in Old Town Alexandria, an historic cobblestoned city on the Potomac River in Virginia.  It follows the adventures of several artists at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. An old munitions factory on the waterfront, the Center lay abandoned after World War II until the 1970s, when an intrepid band of local ladies convinced the city to lease it to them. Today it houses 82 studios, the Art League, the Friends of the Torpedo Factory, and an Archaeology center.

Artful Dodging: The Torpedo Factory Murders
Released April 24, 2012 by Secret Cravings Publishing
65,000 words; M/F; 2 flames; ISBN: 978-1-61885-250-2
Romantic Suspense/Murder Mystery

Buy Link:

Waiting out the rain, Milo Everhart takes stock of her widowhood and the handsome man standing in the door to the bar.  Little does she know she will meet that man again and again under both passionate and terrifying circumstances.

Tristram Brody waits for his date, too conscious of the beautiful woman sitting by the door. Little does he know that she will hate him for trying to destroy her beloved art center, and even suspect him of murder. Nor that she will be drawn inevitably into his arms.

Little does either of them suspect they will be embroiled in not one, but two murders, in which the fate of the Torpedo Factory, an art center housed in an old munitions factory on the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria, will be decided.

Although M. S. Spencer has lived or traveled on five continents, the last 30 years have been spent mostly in Washington, D.C. as a librarian, birdwatcher, Congressional staff, speechwriter, editor, volunteer, kayaker, policy wonk, non-profit director and “domestic engineer.”  Ms. Spencer has two fabulous grown children.  She has only one cat (down from three, plus a dog, a snake and two hamsters), but since her study window looks on a park and river there is plenty of wildlife to distract her from her writing. 
M. S. Spencer has published five best-selling contemporary romantic suspense novels, Lost in His Arms and Lost and Found (, Losers Keepers and Triptych (Secret Cravings Publishing,, and Artful Dodging: The Torpedo Factory Murders, to released April 24, 2012 by Secret Cravings.
Contacts and Pages:
Facebook Author Page:

Amazon Author Page:

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4/22/12 ~ New Releases from JMS Books LLC

TITLE: Clouds' Illusions
AUTHOR: Hayden Thorne
ISBN: 9781611522891
GENRE: Contemporary • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay • Young Adult
LENGTH: 5,125 words
PRICE: $2.99


Five-year-old Simon, along with his parents and older sister Amy, go to a carnival one day. When a sudden deluge separates the family and leaves Simon alone and frightened, the child undergoes a journey of maturation as he searches for his parents and sister.

Wandering through the ruined carnival, Simon encounters rain-soaked clowns, muddied carnival-goers, and a special young boy named Brian, who’s also lost. The longer Simon stays in the carnival and the rain that continues to threaten everyone’s fun, the more he learns about life, and he leaves the carnival a man with hopeful prospects ahead of him.

Clouds’ Illusions is a modern fairy tale, a metaphor for a young gay man’s coming-of-age with all its illusions and truths, and the wisdom that comes from the marriage of rain and sun.

TITLE: deciduous
AUTHOR: J.T. Marie
ISBN: 9781611522761
GENRE: Poetry
LENGTH: 34 poems
PRICE: $2.99


Short chapbook of 36 poems which capture the ephemeral quality of nature. In these pages, autumn's dying leaves crumple beneath winter's shroud of snow, and the last fleeting days of the year slip away forever.

Tragic, melancholy, bittersweet ... these poems embrace and revel in the changing seasons, which mirror so closely the rhythm of the human heart.

TITLE: Practice, Practice
AUTHOR: A. Leigh Jones
ISBN: 9781611522907
GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 3,363 words
PRICE: $1.99


Pedja is an Icer, a big, burly athlete who plays hard in a competitive world. Jacks is a sexy student Healer with a secret crush on Pedja, and plenty of time to get to know the up-and-coming star on the tram they ride every day. When Jacks finally works up enough courage to approach the big man and ask for something more than their stolen minutes on the tram, Pedja turns him down flat, but is it just a misunderstanding? Jacks hopes so, and thinks things might be looking up when Pedja invites Jacks to watch his team practice. Will practice make perfect for both of them?

TITLE: Spider Boy
AUTHOR: Joshua Skye
ISBN: 9781611522884
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance
LENGTH: 3,668 words
PRICE: $1.99


Life in Warren has a way of making even the youngest person feel old -- it's in the air around the place. Eighteen-year-old David feels the small town curse just as everyone else, feels it down in his bones.

To relieve his suffering, he engages in secretive sex acts with strangers. It’s more than just a break from the tedium or even a mere vocation -- there’s something he needs in the connection. One night while in the company of a particularly unusual stranger, David’s world takes an unexpected turn.

TITLE: Spook Patrol
AUTHOR: Helen Ayim
ISBN: 9781611523300
GENRE: Contemporary • Fantasy • Fiction • Mystery/Detective • Paranormal • Young Adult
LENGTH: 1,074 words


Jen and Wilbur are members of the Spook Patrol, on assignment to explore strange noises coming from an old, abandoned home rumored to be haunted. When they arrive, they discover they aren't alone.

And they give the "ghosts" the surprise of their lives.

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"Enslaved" Oh shiny! Out Today!

“Enslaved” Blurb:
Trevellyan's cousin Aurelia got a job in a call center and hasn't contacted him in six months. With his partners, Merrick and Vaughan, he goes to visit her but isn't allowed to see her. With their concern rising, the three men hire Evelyn, a sexy motorcycle courier, to deliver a parcel to Aurelia and find out whatever she can about the call center. Evelyn discovers that things are hardly what they seem and that Aurelia could be in great danger. She collects a message from Aurelia, then helps the men by sending them to friends of hers, an IT specialist, Mas, and a retired Marine, Niall.
Evelyn becomes invested in saving Aurelia—and in spending time with Trevellyan, Merrick, and Vaughan. While they are all determined to rescue Aurelia, they can’t help but act on their growing attraction to one another. Can their relationship flourish in the face of such danger?
Evelyn becomes invested in saving Aurelia—and in spending time with Trevellyan, Merrick, and Vaughan. While they are all determined to rescue Aurelia, they can’t help but act on their growing attraction to one another. Can their relationship flourish in the face of such danger?

STORY Excerpt
“I think you need to go to the police, or a private detective, or someone like that. I’m a motorcycle courier. I know nothing about looking for a missing person,” Evelyn explained for perhaps the fifth time. But these three men weren’t listening.
“We’ve already tried to go to the house she’s staying at. The fence is twelve feet high and electrified. We’ve each tried to get in, and they recognize us now, so we have no hope.”
“Not only that, but we’ve talked to the police, and basically they said Aurelia is over twenty-one, has committed no known crime, and just because she hasn’t communicated with us doesn’t mean she’s in any danger. She’s not obliged to keep in touch with me. I’m her cousin, not her guardian or anything.”
Evelyn’s mind was still slightly scrambled by these three men turning up in her tiny office, not to drop off a parcel for her to deliver, but to ask her to get inside a secure house and speak to Trevellyan’s—the one with brown hair and blue eyes—cousin, Aurelia. Vaughan was the oldest one, likely fortyish she thought. He had brown hair, too, but with the slightest touches of gray around his forehead. Merrick had black hair and eyes so dark they could be black, too. Also his skin was very tan as though he had an outdoor job.
Evelyn shook her head, signifying “no” but also trying to clear her mind of the pressure to do as they asked.
“Watch my lips. I’m a motorcycle courier. I deliver letters and parcels anywhere in the city, six a.m. to nine p.m., Monday to Saturday. I do not ride out into the countryside to a secure house, just to ask if your cousin wants to talk to you. Pretty obviously, if she did want to meet you, she’d have done that some time in the past six months.”
“You don’t understand. Aurelia had tried and tried to get a job. She couldn’t find anything that paid more than minimum wage. She was so excited when she got this work at the call center. It’s not huge money, but it’s an acceptable wage and they live in dormitories onsite, so effectively accommodation and meals are included in the salary, making it even better. But she always e-mailed or texted me every week. Not to have heard from her in six months is beyond understanding,” said Trevellyan, his voice cracking with emotion.
“Yeah, what if she’s wandered into some kind of cult? What if they brainwash her into weird ideas about serving some man they revere or turn her into some kind of slave? It’s a big house, well, out into the country. I know, I walked the fence-line right round the damn thing, and it took me an hour,” added Merrick.
“She’s a pretty woman, with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. I can see some man wanting to keep her,” added Vaughan.
“I get that you’re worried about her. I understand that. But I can’t help you.” Evelyn stood up, took the three steps necessary to cross the room, and opened the door.
Merrick reached out a long, muscular, tanned arm and pushed the door shut. “Ten thousand dollars,” he said firmly.

Buy Link:

Berengaria Brown
Find out more about my books at:

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A Midwest Summer Night's Dream

Available now from Book Strand!
A Western historical with a Shakespearean twist.

Open sky, Shakespeare, solitude. All Jebediah Greene needs. Alone since his teens, he’s never known loneliness, until he leaves Winona Young in California. Worse, he fears she’ll trap herself in a loveless marriage of convenience. After acting as her guide to San Francisco, how far will Jeb go to win her heart?
Reading provides escape for Winona Young. Usually. Fleeing Philadelphia, she learns her distant suitor isn’t who he seemed. Neither is her mountain man guide, in a good way. Intelligent, but mule-headed, Jeb’s impossible to speak to, in any language. Winona falls in love with the stunning beauty of the wilderness, with the simple ways of the Osage people, and with Jeb. But books can’t teach her how to tame a mountain man.

I'd love for you to view the book video, Casting Call, excerpt and more goodies on my blog.

Cate Masters has made beautiful central Pennsylvania her home for the past 20 years, but she'll always be a Jersey girl at heart. Most days, she can be found in her lair, concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, and fantasy/paranormal stories with her cat Chairman Maiow and dog Lily as company.
Look for her at, and in strange nooks and far-flung corners of the web.

New Release ~ Unscripted by J.S. Marlo

Unscripted by J.S. Marlo
Duty Bound Series Book One

Breathless Press 
Romantic Suspense

Shaped by fire. Bound by duty. Driven by love. Riley's tumultuous life rivals the television scripts she writes for Wild Rescue.


After a bullet shatters his world, actor Blythe Huxley befriends Riley Kendrick, a new writer on the television show Wild Rescue, never expecting to discover a kindred spirit.

No stranger to tragedy, Riley lends a compassionate ear to Blythe's difficulties and soon becomes entangled in a web of illicit affairs and deadly intrigue.

When an arsonist and a killer both strike, Riley's fate intertwines with Blythe's, and her life and her heart hang in the balance. Will they be able to protect their pasts? And save their future?

About the author:

Born and raised in a small French Canadian town, J.S. Marlo spent her childhood reading and daydreaming stories, but after high school, she set aside pen and paper to earn a business degree.

Military wife and mother of three spirited children, J.S. faced many challenges as her young family moved back and forth across the country. The "memorable" adventures she experienced fueled her imagination and rekindled her passion for writing.

J.S. Marlo is now settled down with her husband in northern Alberta from where she enjoys writing and visiting her grown children...and her little granddoggie.

Unscripted is her second novel, and the first book in the Duty Bound Series.

For more info or updates, visit J.S. Marlo's Facebook page or website.

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A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE - Book I of the DEVIL DEVERE Series by Victoria Vane

What happens when a struggling actress and a grieving widower come together in a night of unbridled debauchery orchestrated by a bored and machinating rake?

She’s a lonely lady down on her luck...
Phoebe Scott, alias Kitty Willis, is a struggling Covent Garden actress with a bruised heart and a closely guarded secret.

He’s steadfast and eminently respectable
Sir Edward Chambers, Ned to his intimates, is guilt-ridden over his beloved wife’s death and avowed to live out a rustic and mundane life … of celibacy.

With the devil in charge — there will surely be hell to pay. Devil in disguise, Viscount Ludovic DeVere, is determined to return his best friend, Ned, to the land of the living. His meddling machinations result in a night of mind blowing passion after which “dull dog Ned” awakes to find himself in the King of England’s bed!  A WILD NIGHT’S BRIDE, a sexy, rollicking Georgian romp!

"Reckless hearts, battling wits, and plenty of steam in a wonderfully well drawn Georgian setting.”- NYT Bestselling author Grace Burrowes

"Victoria Vane ignites the Georgian era with her delightful characters and deliciously wickedsensuality." - AllisonChase, author of Recklessly Yours

Special offer for pre-orders from BREATHLESS PRESS- Use discount code AWNBPRE to get 10% off.

 For excerpts and more on this series :

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Will you be Naughty in Leather too?

"Naughty in Leather" by Berengaria Brown

Set in the same world as "Turning up the Heat".

Evernight Publishing

Contemporary, MMF menage

Buy link:

Naughty in Leather: Blurb
A gang of teenagers is shoplifting from the mall and this day they rob Rhonda’s store, Luxurious Leatherwork. When Scott and Ty come to the store and ask her out to dinner yet again, this time she says yes. She’s decided she wants to see if there’s potential for a three-way relationship. Dinner is wonderful, and sex with them even better.
A few days later the gang of teenagers attacks the jeweler’s window with metal bars. Ty and Scott are terrified for Rhonda and determined to look after her. The men take her home and love her that night, wanting her to know how deeply they care for her.
Ty is offered a promotion at work, but it involves some travel and moving to a new apartment. He’s worried that it will ruin their new relationship, and the gang situation is still not solved.
Can a relationship such as theirs survive?

Berengaria Brown is a multi-published author of erotic romance: contemporary, paranormal (ghosts, vampires, fairies and werewolves), futuristic, and Regency-set historical. She loves to read all different kinds of romance so that is what she writes: one man/one woman; two women; two men; two men/one woman; three men, two women/one man…. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.

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New Release - Delighting In Your Company by Blair McDowell

The title of Delighting In Your Company is taken from a song, Greensleeves, attributed to Henry VIII, but the story takes place much later, in two time periods, the present and the early eighteen hundreds. Delighting In Your Company is a paranormal romance with time travel.

What more could a girl ask for?
When Amalie Ansett visits her elderly cousin on the small Caribbean island of St. Clements, the last thing she’s looking for is romance. Just out of a disastrous marriage, she’s ready to swear off men forever. That is until she meets local plantation owner, Jonathan Evans. He is tall, good looking, intelligent and incredibly sexy. What more could a girl ask for? 

An unsolved murder …
Then Amalie discovers that the man she loves is a ghost. Only she can see and hear him. Perhaps he is real to her because Amalie is the image of her distant ancestor, Jonathan’s bride in that earlier time.  Jonathan was murdered two hundred years ago, and has no knowledge of who killed him or why.

 A perilous trip to the past…
When Jonathan asks her to help him by returning with him to his past, Amalie is torn. If she helps him solve the mystery surrounding his death, she could lose him forever. If she doesn’t, she is stuck with a ghost for a lover.
And a love that crosses the boundaries of time.
To save Jonathan, Amalie agrees to travel with him back in time to the Caribbean of the 1800’s, when sugar reigned supreme and the slave trade was making fortunes for wealthy planters and ship owners.  Her adventures there include a slave uprising, murder, deceit and an enduring love that crosses the boundaries of time.

To buy "Delighting In Your Company", go to my website and choose the seller of your choice.

About Blair McDowell

I started to write soon after I found my first pencil. But I began to write for publication about 30 years ago--professional books. I wrote six of them, all still in print and still in use. Only lately have I turned to fiction. I'd have done it a lot sooner if I'd had any idea how much fun it was!

I’ve lived in many different places. The US--Certain cities call to me. I love San Francisco and Seattle and the wonderful Oregon Coast. Australia--among the most open welcoming people in the world, and a wide open young country with incredible land and sea scapes, with amazing animal and bird life right out of science fiction. Canada--HOME. The place where I belong.

I travel a lot. I usually spend the month of October in Europe, Greece or Italy, and the winter in a little house I built many years ago on a small non-touristy Caribbean Island. I have worked and studied in many places--Hungary, Australia the US and Canada, and have spoken in most of the States and Provinces as well as Taiwan and various cities in Europe.  I enjoy being surrounded by cultures other than my own. I enjoy my own as well--but variety is indeed the spice of my life.

I keep busy--and I love my life. I love meeting the people who come here to the west coast of Canada and stay in my B&B. I love traveling after the tourist season is over. And I love writing. My interests?? Music, especially opera, reading everything in print, and Writing.  And walking on the beach and swimming. At one point I had hoped to swim in every major sea and ocean. I've realized that may not be possible in one lifetime--but trying has been fun!

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4/15/12 ~ New Releases from JMS Books LLC

TITLE: A Queer Pattern of Murder
AUTHOR: Tom Jemielity
ISBN: 9781611522822
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Mystery/Detective • Romance
LENGTH: 14,897 words
PRICE: $2.99


Beaucaploo, Indiana, is rocked by a vicious killing of a middle-aged gay man. Detectives Billy Mack and Ethan Gregory are assigned to the case. Though Billy is married with children and Ethan is a gay ex-Marine, the two share a solid friendship cemented when Ethan saved Billy’s life during a drug bust.

To find the killer, they must narrow the field of suspects. Is the murderer an obnoxious gay activist? A recent boyfriend of the deceased? Or someone new in town? Their inquiry takes them from the campus of the University of the Mother of Mercy where the victim taught, to a gay dating agency whose services he recently used, and to a local bar he didn’t frequent often.

Can Billy and Ethan catch the killer before he strikes again?

TITLE: Erl-King
AUTHOR: Hayden Thorne
ISBN: 9781611522815
GENRE: Fantasy • Fiction • Gay • Historical • Paranormal • Young Adult
LENGTH: 5,152 words
PRICE: $2.99


Baltasar grows up in a world of absolutes, of black and white, right and wrong. Just as his brothers and sisters who went before him, the boy is groomed to follow only one road, at the end of which is a life no different from his parents' and grandparents'. His parents’ strict teachings and the naïveté that results, however, render him ignored and friendless, and Baltasar spends much time alone.

During one of his solitary wanderings in the countryside, he stumbles across an enchanted land and its melancholy, ageless ruler -- a land full of color and magic, and a bond that defies everything he’s always known about the world. But what’s unusual, tempting, and exciting doesn’t always lead to a clearer path, and Baltasar is forced to choose between two wildly diverging worlds, with each exacting a high price.

Erl-King is a retelling of Goethe’s ballad by the same title.

TITLE: Half in Love
AUTHOR: Lee Patton
ISBN: 9781611522877
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance
LENGTH: 8,506 words
PRICE: $2.99


Working in Europe, gay Coloradan Gabe Mangan runs into a former college friend, Angela. Seduced by Paris’ light and heat, and despite her engagement, he falls “half in love” with her. Gabe escapes to Barcelona and smack into an affair with an aging male model. In the throes of their physically satisfying but unemotional connection, Gabe realizes he really can’t escape from what he felt in Paris and plots to save Angela from a disastrous marriage.

TITLE: Must Love Cats
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder
ISBN: 9781611522518
GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay • Paranormal
LENGTH: 15,883 words
PRICE: $3.99


Dale Thomason isn't much of a cat person. In fact, he doesn't particularly care for animals of any kind. Or people either, for that matter. A food critic for the local press, he dines out on the company tab without the hassle of going on a date. His sex life is non-existent, particularly when compared to that of his bisexual BFF, Jill.

When a stray orange tomcat brazenly follows Dale home one night, he calls Jill to come rid his apartment of the feline terror. But he can't seem to keep the cat out of his home, and the next time it comes inside, Jill isn't there to rescue him, so he lets it stay.

That night Dale has the sexiest, most vivid dream starring the hot new redhead who just moved into the apartment across from his.

In the morning, the cat has mysteriously vanished and Dale is left reeling from the wet dream. Did he imagine the whole thing? Or does his new neighbor harbor a furry secret?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Release~Alexios' Fate by Kayla Jameth

Alexios' Fate by Kayla Jameth
Apollo's Men Series, Book 1
Breathless Press
Historical, Gay (M/M)
Buy at

Seduced by a king, pursued by the god Apollo, and wooed by his slave, can Alexios escape his fate and find love?
Mature King Lykos has a sexy confidence that turns Alexios' head. Seduced by Lykos, Prince Alexios discovers a world of men he's never known before.
Meanwhile his slave Galen has gotten tired of waiting in the wings. He sets out to woo Alexios and win his heart.
Even Apollo can't leave Alexios alone. The young prince finds himself pursued by a god and in danger of a perilous love.
How will Alexios follow his heart when he unwittingly wins the favor of a god? Can Alexios escape the fate of Apollo's past lovers and have the man he wants?
About the Author:
A knight and a former princess, Kayla Jameth now spends her time writing m/m romance. A true Renaissance woman, she has done everything from cross stitch like a proper lady to welding with the best of them. An eclectic life has left her with an unique understanding of the world inhabited by men and an appreciation for the difficulties faced by men in m/m relationships. It is her devout wish that her experiences translate into a richer telling of such tales.
Check out this author's page at Breathless Press

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Release~A Proper Lady's Gypsy by Juliet Chastain

A Proper Lady's Gypsy by Juliet Chastain
Gypsy Lovers Series, Book 1
Breathless Press
Historical Romance

Forced to become a proper young lady, Lucy-Ann Spencer rebels against the rules of high society to claim her freedom and her Gypsy lover.
Dragged off to London kicking and screaming, Lucy-Ann Spencer refuses to become a proper young lady. Despite her aunts' insistence, she spurns the suitably titled and wealthy men who court her, longing instead for the Gypsy lad and the freedom she once loved.
Liberty Wood never forgot the girl he adored years ago, but now that she has become a proper, silk-clad member of high society while he lives by his wits, he knows that they can never breach the gulf between them. Can Lucy-Ann convince him otherwise?
About the Author:
As an ex-fashion photographer, Juliet Chastain says that, in a way, writing fiction is a lot like photography. She takes a few elements—models and clothes in photography, characters and setting in her writing—and makes them come alive in a compelling story.
Ever since she wrote a tragic tale of two kittens back in sixth grade, Juliet has had a yen to write. Now that she's put down her camera, she indulges herself by writing short steamy romances with models, er, heroes, like a passionate sea captain, a sweet-natured hunk of a werewolf, and the devil's own sexy-as-hell grandson—every one of them ready to fulfill his lady's deepest desires.

You can learn more about Juliet and her collection of out-of-the-ordinary heroes at, and contact her at or on Twitter as @julietchastain.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Release April 13, 2012 - Ringer by Cheryl Rhodes

Title: Ringer
Author: Cheryl Rhodes
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Genre: Romantic mystery

Buy Link:

Book blurb:

A horse who is a dead ringer for a missing racehorse. A missing cousin whose body was never found. An attempted murder. Is anything what it seems? Holly Thompson is drawn into the middle of this puzzle when she rescues sexy horse trainer Matt Winter and flees with him and the look-a-like horse.

Holly and Matt follow clues from British Columbia to Matt's home in Oregon to a horserace in California, trying to find who is behind the horse-swapping scheme. Matt didn't count on losing his heart to a feissty woman who can saddle her own horse and hotwire a truck. And Holly has done the unthinkable: fallen in love with a horseman, something she vowed she'd never do. Is Matt a wealthy rachorse owner or just another backstretch con artist, cheating on horses and women? And will he ride to her rescue when they unravel the mystery of the ringer?

Author Bio:

Cheryl Rhodes spent many years working in the horseracing industry with both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. She lives in Cloverdale, British Columbia with her husband Kerry and their Border Collie cross, Shadow, and Dalmatian, Holly. She owns three horses: Whistler, a gorgeous Appaloosa; Cajun, a mischievous Quarter Horse; and Lucky, a retired Standardbred racehorse, the breed featured in Ringer. When she's not helping Kerry in their home renovations business or spending time with her animals, Cheryl enjoys traveling, photography, swimming, reading, and writing mysteries.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Release~ Goldie and Her Bears by Doris O'Connor

Goldie and Her Bears by Doris O'Connor
A Naughty Nursery Rhymes Story
Shape-shifter, paranormal, Erotic Romance, Fairy Tale
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Take one very human girl. Add three bear shifters and one BDSM club. Shake well. What do you get? Lots of delicious fun.
When Goldie Lockwood receives an explicit note, signed by none other than the man she fell head over clit in lust with on first sight, there is only one thing she can do – obey.  After all she is dying to find out what goes on behind closed doors at the exclusive BDSM club.
Having his Goldilocks pounced on by his brother and sister had not been in Jason Stanhope's plan, even if the little human's responsiveness blows the triplets away. Porridge, chairs, beds, she tries them all.
But, can she be the sweet sub they need? Or will Goldilocks live up to her name and run away screaming?
About this author:
Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to baby and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.

There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her sexy Alpha heroes and sassy heroines tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. It’s the only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps. She writes contemporary, erotic, and paranormal romance.

German born, Doris now resides in the middle of a busy town in Bedfordshire England and dreams of a nice big house by the sea, with plenty of space to run kids and dogs and let her imagination soar.

Visit Doris at her Website, or her Blog.

New Release~Even Villains Fall in Love by Liana Brooks

Even Villains Fall in Love by Liana Brooks
Breathless Press
Heroes and Villains Series, Book 1
Contemporary Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Buy at

A super villain at the top of his game must choose between the world he wants and the woman he loves.
If you believe the rumors you know that Doctor Charm, the wickedly sexy super villain, retired in shame seven years ago after his last fight with the super hero Zephyr Girl. The fact that the charming Evan Smith—father of four and husband of the too-beautiful-to-be-real Tabitha—bears a resemblance to the defeated Doctor is pure coincidence. And, please, ignore the minions.
Everything is perfect in the Smith household, until Tabitha announces her return to work as a super hero. Evan was hoping to keep her distracted until after he rigged the 2012 presidential election, but—genius that he is—Evan has a backup plan. In his basement lab, Evan has a machine whose sole purpose is keeping Tabitha hungry for him.
But children and labs don’t mix. The machine is broken, and Tabitha storms out, claiming she no longer knows him. World domination takes a back seat to meeting his daughters’ demands to get Mommy back right now. This time his genius isn’t going to be enough—he’s going to need both his evil alter-ego, and the blooming super abilities of his children to save his wife. But even his most charming self might not be enough to save their marriage.
About the Author:
Liana Brooks was born in San Diego, California. Years later she was disappointed to learn that The Shire was not some place she could move to, nor was "Rider of Rohan" an acceptable career choice. Studying marine biology so she could play with sharks seemed to be the only alternative. After college, Liana settled down to work as a full-time author and mother, because logical career progression is something that happens to other people. When she grows up, Liana wants to be an Evil Overlord and take over the world.

In the meantime, she writes sci-fi and SFR in between trips to the beach. She can be found wearing colorful socks on the Emerald Coast, or online at

New Print Release~ To Catch a Spirit by Carrie Pulkinen

To Catch a Spirit by Carrie Pulkinen
Breathless Press
Available in E-book and now in Print
Release date: April 10, 2012
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Buy at

A psychic who’s afraid of ghosts and a millionaire with a haunted past and a hidden power find that only love can catch a spirit. With love, all things are possible—especially if you need to catch a Spirit.
Psychic Allison Gray has a soft spot for Logan Mitchell, even though she’s never met him. All it takes is one encounter for the millionaire’s true emotions to slip through Allison’s shields, and she is intrigued. He needs her help, but Allison soon discovers that the kind of help Logan needs is the kind she isn’t willing to give. Logan has a ghost, and Allison doesn’t work with spirits anymore.
But the ghost is the least of Logan’s problems. Born an empath, Logan is constantly barraged with human emotions. And while his talent has come in handy in the business world, it’s about to drive him insane. Literally. Logan has OCD, and his ability triggers unbearable attacks that have him counting and cleaning until he collapses from exhaustion.
Sex and money. That’s all anyone wants from him. Even worse, he’s plagued with recurring visions of his future wife’s death, so Logan has spent his entire life avoiding love. He’s given up hope of ever having a normal life, until he meets Allison. She’s everything he’s ever dreamed of, and now he has to decide if loving her is worth risking her life.
If she’ll even have him. Allison’s lost too much already – her mother to cancer, her father to suicide. But, Logan is so charming and so real, she can’t help but fall for him. Now she has to overcome her fear of commitment…and ghosts…or face spending the rest of her life alone.
About the author:
Carrie Pulkinen has always been fascinated with the paranormal. Of course, when you grow up next door to a cemetery, the dead (and the undead) are hard to ignore. Pair that with her passion for writing and her father's insatiable love for monster movies, and you've got the perfect recipe for an exciting storyteller.

When she's not writing stories of amazing sex with devilishly handsome men, Carrie likes to read, travel, take pictures, and play with her kids. Her other works include Sweet Release and To Catch a Spirit.

Check out her author page at Breathless Press

Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/8/12 ~ New Releases from JMS Books LLC

TITLE: A Night of Hunger
AUTHOR: Wayne C. Rogers

GENRE: BDSM • Contemporary • Erotica • Fiction • Horror • Paranormal
LENGTH: 3,805 words
PRICE: $1.99


The Red Lantern is an S&S club in San Francisco’s red light district. The people who go there want to see the infliction of pain and blood, but when the Countess puts on her occasional demonstration, the audience gets much more than they expect.

Someone in the group of people has been silently picked by this queen of the night to be the next victim in her quest to staunch the hunger she feels throughout her lovely body and evil soul.

NOTE: This story contains explicit scenes of paranormal erotic horror some readers may find disturbing.

TITLE: David and Andrew Book 3: The Next Generation
AUTHOR: Terry O'Reilly

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay • Western/Cowboy
LENGTH: 42,978 words
PRICE: $4.99


Brad Sturgis, adopted son of Andy Barnes and David Bennett, is all grown up and ready to face life with his boyfriend, Hank Reynolds. However, he soon discovers life away from the Bennett-Barnes household proves much trickier than it seemed when he was growing up.

Brad finds many things in Hank’s work as a horse trainer competing for the man’s attention and affection. The time-consuming nature of the equine show world and the constant demands of the clients Hank coaches -- their interest in him sometimes goes beyond that of trainer/rider -- test the strength of the bond between the two men.

Will Brad learn to face such challenges with courage and good humor as his adoptive parents did before him? Will the next generation prove to be as tough and as tender, as solid and as steadfast as the one before?

TITLE: Solomon's Ride
AUTHOR: Joshua Skye

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay • Paranormal
LENGTH: 4,473 words
PRICE: $1.99


It was love at first sight. He was a 1969 Ford Mustang, The Imitable Boss 429, and his name was Solomon.

Benjamin was powerless to resist the sleek black beauty offered to him and, once behind the wheel, there was no turning back. The engine roared and thundered, and Solomon pulsated with an overpowering sexual energy that could not be denied. Benjamin allowed himself to be seduced by it, allowed himself to succumb to the sordid pleasures vibrating through him. Buckle up and hold on tight, Solomon’s going to take you on one hell of a ride!

TITLE: The Scar
AUTHOR: J.T. Marie

GENRE: Fantasy • Fiction • Lesbian • Young Adult
LENGTH: 6,181 words
PRICE: $2.99


As the weather warms, young Mistress Jana Trence burns with the need of adventure. The general's headstrong daughter, she knows it's dangerous beyond the walls of her hometown, but a picnic in the green meadow sounds safe enough. She manages to talk her servant and best friend, Merlie, into coming along for a quick lunch.

Once beyond the walls of Ouest, Jana grows daring and races into the woods, Merlie at her heels. But the woods are full of strong magic neither girl can fight against. When Merlie is injured, Jana knows her father will learn of their little excursion, and she fears his punishment.

But she fears losing Merlie more.

Can the Emperor's physician treat the servant's wounds? Or will it take something stronger to heal Merlie?