Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Release from Raven McAllen~ Almost Entente Cordiale

Almost Entente Cordiale by Raven McAllen
Breathless Press
Historical/Regency Menage (m/m/f) Romance
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A woman with two husbands—husbands who are lovers. Is this a relationship doomed to failure?
Only she can decide.
When Julien returns from France, he did not expect to find his lover ballock-deep inside a woman. Especially when that woman is his own wife!
Christianne knew Alastair had a lover, but she did not expect that lover to be the husband she thought was dead.
As a marriage of convenience turns passionate, can the three of them make their illicit relationship work?
Or will Christianne have to choose which husband to keep?
About Raven McAllen:
Ever since I won not one but two Cadbury "Where Does Chocolate Come From?" competitions in primary school, I was convinced one day I would write a book. My parents encouraged me. My schoolteachers despaired of me—flowery, romantic, not factual. Hey, I loved weaving stories about anything and anyone!

So what happened to my grand ideas?

Life got in the way.

So more years later than I am prepared to disclose (a woman has to have some secrets!), here I am, with Breathless Press giving me my big chance. Thanks, B.P.
Married to my own hero (how cheesy is that?) after a couple of failed hero attempts, we live on the edge of a Scottish forest with two cats and three children as frequent visitors. And now two grandkids. Lucky or what?

I write on my laptop in my study, watching the birds on the bird table, the strange big, black, fluffy "I'm pretending to be a bird" cat sitting on the table and trying to convince the many birds he is invisible, occasionally seeing deer and red squirrel moving past. I am privileged.
As a non-closet romantic, sometimes neurotic, and lover of words, I so enjoy getting involved with my hero and heroines. I hope you do too.

Wallflower's Don't Wilt is the first novel of mine to be published, and can I admit it was written as a dare? Yup, my crit group—Up And Coming Writers—dared me to write it, and then nagged, encouraged, edited, and niggled until I sent it to Breathless Press. My lovely editor, Jackie, saw something in it…and hey, presto, (well, not really, but it sounds good) I am a published author.

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