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JMS Books LLC New Releases 3/25/2012

New E-Book Releases for March 25, 2012

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TITLE: Fairy Night
AUTHOR: Helen Ayim
ISBN: 9781611522778
GENRE: Contemporary • Fantasy • Fiction • Paranormal
LENGTH: 3,602 words
PRICE: $1.99


The fairies are back!

Or so they say. Chris doesn’t believe in fairies, but Meredith and Maggie are true believers. And Crenshaw is open-minded about the possibility, but he requires empirical proof.

That leaves them only one option -- to go on a stake out and see what, if anything, will manifest among the trees on the fairy knoll. Oh, were things only as simple as that ...

TITLE: Inside Passage to Murder
AUTHOR: Alan Scott
ISBN: 9781611522402
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Mystery • Paranormal
LENGTH: 88,211 words
PRICE: $7.99


Paranormal sleuth Mark Shotridge dreams of an Alaskan cruise ship in trouble and books passage to investigate his vision. After leaving Seward the first night at sea, Mark has another vision that suggests someone has been thrown overboard into the icy waters of the north Pacific.

Though no one is reported missing, Mark begins to question his special abilities. But soon a crew member is found murdered in his cabin, and Mark is certain there is more going on than he originally suspected. As the body count rises, he realizes a serial killer might be on board.

With his psychic abilities put to the test, can Mark stop the ruthless killer and unravel the mystery behind the murders before the ship docks in Vancouver?

TITLE: Mimi Attacks!
AUTHOR: Hayden Thorne
ISBN: 9781611522693
GENRE: Contemporary • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 68,523 words
PRICE: $5.99


Book 5 in the Masks series

Following Arachnaman’s bigoted, hateful attacks, life in beleaguered Vintage City finally quiets down, but it doesn’t last long. Eric’s father begins to show symptoms of extreme fatigue, symptoms that Eric notices in a number of other people he sees elsewhere. Along with the superheroes, he tries to find a common denominator in all this, the surprising result being a new perfume shop that hawks very strong fragrances. A familiar pair of supervillains is suspected, but before the heroes can further investigate the motives behind this threat, people exhibiting symptoms of illness are transformed in the most shocking way, throwing Vintage City in a state of panic.

In the meantime, Eric monitors the Unofficial Calais Fan Club, which is now exploding with romantic Mary Sue fanfiction involving Calais as well as curious messages posted by a girl who’s apparently wildly in love with the superhero. References to her making “new friends” alert Eric to suspect that she and the current mayhem being inflicted on Vintage City are somehow tied together. The stakes are now raised for Eric, whose father has become a victim to a new crime wave and whose superhero boyfriend might also be under threat. All this, and he’s yet to survive school and find a job.

TITLE: V: The V in Virtue
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder
ISBN: 9781611522549
GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 16,775 words
PRICE: $3.99


Book 4 in the Vic and Matt: V Series

The V in Virtue is book 4 in my V series. From the beginning of their relationship, Vic and Matt have celebrated their anniversary on New Year’s Eve. Somehow it’s become tradition for the men to swear off intercourse for the week between Christmas and New Years, a long stretch of seven days Matt finds especially difficult to weather. Vic’s blasé attitude about their lack of sex only makes Matt hornier, and he comes close to breaking down several times when Vic toys with him throughout the week.

Matt is looking forward to midnight on New Year’s Eve and claiming Vic as his own after such a trying dry spell. But when his coworker Roxie invites the guys to a year-end bash at her place, Matt’s plans are thwarted. Will Vic still make the evening special for Matt and himself even though they aren’t spending it alone?

J.M. Snyder

A Queer Small Press

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