Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Latchkeys: The Ugly Little Bloke

Title: The Ugly Little Bloke by Robert Greenberger
Series: Latchkeys, Episode 2
Publisher: Crazy8 Press (http://www.crazy8press.com/)
Genre: YA Fantasy, Speculative Fiction
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Tagline: Kaitlyn, youngest of the Latchkeys kids, may have the power to stop a war, if she doesn't destroy a world first.

Blurb: Matt Fisher is just starting to get used to life as one of the Latchkey kids, exploring—and protecting—Tanglewood, the House of Doors. So when an ugly little man named Grinder pops up in the House and begs them to help his people avoid being trampled by two opposing armies, Matt’s all for it.

Kaitlyn is the youngest of the Latchkeys, but possibly the most powerful. She tends to respond instinctively to situations, relying upon luck and spunk and quick wits to see her through. But when she gets outraged at Grinder’s plight, and steps up to help his village, the consequences may be more than she bargained for.

This is the second installment of the all-new Latchkeys children’s book series, following Latchkeys: Unlatched by Steve Savile.

Meet The Author: A writer, editor, and project manager, Robert Greenberger has been working in publishing since 1980. A lifelong fan of comics and science fiction, he watched dreams become reality when he first joined Starlog Press in 1980. There, he created Comics Scene, which he edited during its initial run. In 1984, he moved to DC Comics where he worked as an editor or administrator until 2000, earning plaudits for his work on the Star Trek comic book. After a brief sojourn to the Internet, he returned to comics in 2001, this time working as an executive at Marvel Comics. This turned out to be a stormy, frustrating year and in 2002, he returned to DC as a senior editor in their growing collected editions department. In 2006, he left DC and found himself having the time of his life as Managing Editor at Weekly World News until its clueless management shuttered the paper.

Since then he has been a freelance writer, working on media tie-in properties, original fiction, non-fiction for your young adults and adults, and whatever else has come his way.

For more, check out his website: www.bobgreenberger.com.

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