Saturday, March 17, 2012

* Lane and the Lycans * a new release at Silver Publishing

Lane and the Lycans
Symbiotic Mates: 6

Gale Stanley

A MMM Paranormal Romance

The Kindred are planning an attack on the Lycans, and Lane’s vampire-hawk lover sends him to Arcadia to spy on the wolf-shifters. Things go horribly wrong--Lane lands in the middle of two bear cubs and Mama is out for blood. When two wolves come to his rescue, Lane is sure he’ll end up as wolf kibble. But one of the Lycans is a do-gooder wildlife enthusiast and he’s determined to keep the injured lynx safe.  Once inside the Lycans' cabin.. and bed… Lane begins to realize that friend and enemy cannot be identified solely on the basis of fur or feathers, and his only hope for happiness lies in an alliance with one he thought was his mortal enemy.

Available at Silver Publishing:

Bio, hmm…? Okay here goes, I was born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love and I've been everything from a lab technician to a surveyor. But I'm finally doing what I love best—writing. I can be anything I want, and I don't mind living vicariously through my smokin' hot characters. You can find me at:

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